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Interview with Todd Campbell

This post marks the first of our ‘Inspiration Series’ where I introduce you to the people in my life who ‘inspire me to inspire you’.

And I couldn’t think of a better person to kick it off than my truly AMAZING husband, Todd Campbell. Now I know I’m biased, but this guy is quite something. I could talk all day about what this man has achieved, and continues to achieve each and everyday, but let just say it’s crazy, amazing and truly inspiring.

Can I just preface this post my thanking Todd for this interview, he is generally a VERY private person who hates talking about himself and his achievements, so I won’t be surprised if even some of his friends find out something new about him here!

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Todd Campbell

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I?m Todd, 38 years of age. I?m the luckiest man alive to be married to Anna and father to William. Life these days seems to revolve around making sure we as a family spend as much time together as we can, and as life gets busier it is these simple things that I love to do. I think it fair to say that for all of my life I have always been a sportaholic, and have played all types of sport from as early as I can remember. My Dad will tell you stories of things I used to achieve as a little tacka, but to me being involved in sport always seemed to be natural, and the best way to live. I was lucky enough to play many sports at a high level, but cricket will always be my passion and love. I played until I was 30, played professionally in England, and New Zealand, and was fortunate to play for Newcastle and my club side Hamilton-Wickham during some dominant times. As a junior, I played for NSW at under 17 and under 19 level as well as for NSW schoolboys. A highlight was captaining NSW to an Australian title at the Adelaide Oval, as well as playing on the SCG a few times. Post cricket, I threw myself into my job and worked stupid hours for a lot of years with not much outcome for my health. To make life even more hectic, I took up long distance triathlons to really test the limits, and have now completed 5 Ironmans, probably 15 half-Ironmans, as well as a few Marathons for good measure.

What inspired your health and wellness journey?

Funnily enough, it was a medical disaster that initially put me on a wellness journey. Let?s be honest, I would prefer to eat and drink whatever I like every day and hope my body will process it but as we all know, that simply is not the case. I never really got into ?health? or ?wellness? until I was 30 when I literally fell-over one day after my thyroid gland decided to chuck it in and stop working. I was rushed to hospital suffering a ?thyroid storm? and as ?a result, had to have it killed under radiation therapy. They found all types of nasty critters in my gland and throughout my body and told me that radiation was the only way forward and to stop even thinking about high level sport. This event changed my life. It occurred at the end of summer and I was so embarrassed about it that I quit cricket without telling my mates why. I now had to think about why this happened ? and yes, it was probably due to work stress, poor diet choices, and a few other things ? and how to manage it for the rest of my life. The impact the radiation and other forms of treatment had on my body made me really sit up and take notice of my overall health plan as well as what really matters in life. Since this period of sickness, I still need regular medical checks, need to take daily medication, but pleasingly, a change in approach to work, and an improved diet actually means that I?m probably healthier now than what I was before I got sick. My only regret is not getting into what I call ?life management? earlier, as it may have made me a better cricketer and probably a more balanced person. I couldn’t help challenging the doctors and specialists that told me to stop sport so really got into endurance sports to try to prove to them, to me, and to others that anybody can challenge the norm and prove people wrong. I have a mantra that the mind is conservative, and that the body is stronger, and if you just push a little harder you will be surprised how far you can go.

What does a day in the life of Todd Campbell look like?

It?s busy, some would say crazy. Up at?5am?and meet the boys at the Fernleigh Track for our ritual 50km bike ride, followed up by a 3 to 5km run off the bike as soon as I get home. Rush in a shower and breakfast {multigrain oats and green smoothie on a good day, take-away bacon and egg roll on a bad day}. Drive to work. Lunchtime is a 40 minute swim at Newcastle Baths, and then back to work until?5pm. Then it?s home to the family and into the backyard to play cricket with William {he loves it!} and if Anna hasn?t had time to cook dinner, we both get into that. It is normally lean meat and veggies {sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli are the staples} or salad. After dinner, the fun continues with trying to keep wearing William out, and trying to not think about eating chocolate {of which I crack probably twice a week}

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What are your 3 top tips to health and wellness?

Moderation:?whilst some people can eat and drink every meal like a champion, most of us cannot so for me moderation is key. I?ve learnt that my body only craves sugar when I?m stressed or tired so it?s about knowing the triggers and being strong of mind to cope. If you are going to break, choose wisely {a dark chocolate bar trumps a full block of Top-Deck unfortunately}

Give Up 3 things that are setting you back: When you start out at improving your wellness, there would be at least 3 things that you can do to help you improve. It might be bad influencers at work, the chocolate bar after lunch, or even your job. For me, it?s obvious that doing enough exercise isn?t one of mine and most things relate to diet. I chose to give up soft drink, hot chips, and coffee. As I said earlier, I?m not perfect and occasionally I?ll have a coffee ? although I now only have hot chips and soft-drink as the first meal after a triathlon. I actually don?t miss them at all.

Just drink water: it amazes me how many people do not drink enough water to flush their body of toxins. It?s so simple to drink 2 litres of water a day to stay well, and yet people don?t do it. This simple tip will improve most people?s health in a week.

A favourite recipe?

Whilst I?m sure people want me to say the green smoothies that Anna makes daily, as a man let?s be fair dinkum and say it?s not that. It is actually a big piece of steak, plenty of green veggies and a bottle of sparkling mineral water. That serves it purpose as I need food to keep my busy lifestyle going, and this dinner gives me all of the essential nutrients that I need to wake up the next day and do it all again.

Hope you enjoyed the read and don’t forget to comment below if you feel INSPIRED to.



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