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Welcome to the wonderful world of HealtheCo. I?m really excited to have you here, but first let me introduce myself.

My name is Anna and I?m an absolute health and wellness nerd. I?m an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, wife and mother of a busy and vibrant 1 year old. My passion is to help people live a more authentic, healthy life. I love watching people rehabilitate their mind and body to achieve a feeling of contentment, ease and freedom that comes with holistic wellness. ?Combine this passion with a love of technology and you have a company that is changing lives across the globe.

What do we do

HealtheCo is an innovative and contemporary Health and Wellness Consultancy.

We specialise in;

  • Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Programs
  • Injury Rehabilitation and Chronic Disease Management
  • Pre and Post Natal Health and Exercise Programs
  • Weight loss Programs
  • ?Health Coaching
  • All of our services are available online via Skype or FaceTime.


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with holistic wellness advice in a modern and innovative way. We want sound, and exciting wellness information to be available to anyone, anywhere, and we want to inspire families to live an active, healthly vibrant life.

HealtheCo aims to make health and wellness the NEW BLACK.

We dream big

At HealtheCo we dream big and we want to inspire people all over the world to live their best life. To do this we have embraced technology and all our services are available online, via Skype or Facetime. This includes

  • ?Exercise Physiology Consultations and Injury Rehabilitation
  • ?Pre and Postnatal Pilates Consultations
  • ?Nutritional Programs and Consultations
  • ?Health Coaching

So no matter where you live, you have access to the most modern, exciting health and wellness information available.

Our Approach

Positive, enthusiastic, authentic, modern, intuitive, holistic, innovative, common sense and life changing are all words that have been used to describe our approach to health.

We are genuinely committed to making positive, life long changes to our client?s lives, and we understand that ?positive change? means something different to everyone.

Have a look around our little corner of the world and if anything grabs your attention please feel free to contact us.


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