Corporate Health

For many employers the start of a new year brings with it new opportunities. As a business owner you are keen to capitalise on your employee’s fresh perspective and recharged energy levels that come from a well-earned break. But what if their post-holiday glow didn’t have to last for only the month of January?

Anna Campbell, an expert in the field of nutrition and exercise physiology and director of HealtheCo,a local company specialising in Corporate Wellness Assessments provides advice to businesses on how to keep their workforce healthy, alert and productive all year round.

During the consultation our team will work with your employees to guide the transformation of their lives through a holistic approach to wellbeing, providing sound advice on nutrition and exercise. We customise our services and advice to suit them, their lifestyle and individual goals. More specifically the assessments include but are not limited to:

– Exercise Physiology Assessment to assess activity level and imbalances and/or injury

– Complete Nutritional Assessment

– Body Composition Assessment

– Assessment of blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels

– Goal setting session and detection of intrinsic motivators and blocks

– Provision of ongoing recommendations and a plan to get started RIGHT AWAY

– Fact sheets and additional information individualised to your needs.

The Assessments provide staff with advice on how to gain increased energy and improve their physical health, tools to help them nourish their body and gain clarity of mind. After the initial consultation we follow-up with participants to ensure we are able to answer any questions that may arise, help them stay focused and reevaluate their goals.

To date the Assessments have led to the improved performance of hundreds of Novocastrians’ work and home life and we’re looking forward to helping spread the holiday glow all year round in 2016.

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